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  UDS was launched on a vision of dedicated training and development designed to ignite F&I operations of the franchised automobile dealer. Its founder, Randy Crisorio, saw great value in a truly consultative approach through the use of recruitment, training, monitoring, and development. Keeping our 'eye on the ball' is our job…and we take it very seriously. Dealership growth and staff success are the every day focus items that have keyed our success since 1982.


The cornerstone of our operations has always been training. This involves expertise in front-end sales and management, which keys on finance and insurance. Training programs receive constant attention as our dealer client needs evolve. We were among the first to introduce a timely session titled 'F&I Ethics and Compliance Certification' and take great pride in our F&I selling system, AutoMenu®. AutoMenu® remains a leader in flexibility and customer satisfaction while delivering industry leading levels of income. AutoMenu® clearly is the next generation in F&I menu selling.

The right protection products have always made a difference for UDS as the quality of big names and solid programs take a spotlight in the marketplace. Quality coverage, flexible terms, and expert administration are but a few of the requirements mandated for superior sales performance. The financial benefits of reinsurance are readily available and it is good to know that your F&I partner has years of experience making important decisions that make reinsurance profitability invaluable.


This formula has defined the mission of UDS partnerships since its inception. Regardless of market conditions, following the Performance Engineering® system has proven its worth time and time again by way of F&I sales gains and the resulting bottom line in today’s dollars.

“This unique program in its simplest form is a modified approach to Management By Objectives (MBO) in which appropriate developmental targets and standards are agreed upon and a system and schedule of review meetings are established. These provide the opportunity for straightforward and objective discussion of achievements as well as areas where improvements are needed. Developmental monitoring, with a keen view towards potential penetrating zones, further enhances the program. Also, formalized training and highly structured workshops provide the necessary skills to attain maximum results.”