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August 2018

So, Who Is UDS?

Some of you reading this edition of F&I RoadMaster® may know the story of how UDS was born, but if not, here is a glimpse into how it all began with a core set of principles that are still followed today enabling our growth as one of the premier F&I development firms in the industry.

It was the early 70’s when our founder, Randy Crisorio, began his automotive career on the retail side in Chicago. Not long after, the Chicago winters were not as appealing as the promise of warm sunshine in Clearwater, Florida. The move was made where he continued his growth in the F&I office of a Buick dealership in Clearwater. After a few more years of honing his skills, he was recruited by one of the largest credit insurance providers in the business, where he went to work and was ultimately responsible for the Eastern US territory. With a young family at home, the travel demands were just too much, so Randy grabbed a note pad, sat down at the dining room table of his home and began drafting F&I training material. It was then, in the spring of 1982, UDS was launched.

Randy Crisorio - UDS Founder and CEO

It was the belief that the training and development of dealer staff was the most important thing in a UDS F&I relationship. To this day, we all feel the same way;

It is all about you, our valued clients, growing and prospering. That is our ‘Why.’

As products were developed and the business of F&I grew, so did the UDS operation. Adding personnel and deliverables to capitalize on the profit opportunities in F&I has always been a top priority. The list of training modules grew to include an F&I Certification program and ultimately an Ethics and Compliance Certification program. Field coaching in support of the formal training remained as an integral part of the UDS promise. The introduction of menu allowed for even more products to be born. A program was drafted to gain sales and profits from the steady stream of customers through the service department. Wealth building strategies and programs is something UDS has always promoted along with F&I incentive programs. Now we are in the era of technology where real-time reporting allows for constant analysis of performance values. Electronic rating and contracting has streamlined the business office. Customers are educated and arrive armed with information. We make sure you are properly trained and also armed with the knowledge and processes to win.

For fourteen straight years UDS Training has been recognized as the best in the industry. We are honored to be recognized yet not too surprised. It is why we get up in the morning. F&I Training, Coaching and Development. It’s what we do here at UDS, and have since day one.

We’d like to know your thoughts.

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An Easier Way To Sell More Products

How often do you complete a perfect menu presentation where the customer indicates interest in all, or many, of your valuable products, but the associated payment bump has them opting to waive coverage? Pretty typical scenario, right? What is your go to close in this common situation? (Email it to us here)

Next time try this new and improved version of the “Reduce to the Ridiculous” close where you illustrate the base payment per day to ‘own’ the vehicle compared to the additional payment per day to be fully protected.

NADA reports that in 2017 the average payment on a new vehicle was $515, or roughly $17 per day. This is where the close starts. Whatever your customers payment is, figure what it is per day and let them know that just for them to drive the vehicle, it costs them $X per day. Now add the fully protected amount per day which should work out to around $2 per day depending on term and product costs. While $60 per month seems like a lot, $2 per day is miniscule especially compared to the $17 just to possess the vehicle.

Make sense? See the close in action by watching the video tip below.

Click to email UDS Director of Training, John Tabar, for more.

UDS Training Calendar

Upcoming UDS Training

When Good Deals Go Bad
[UDS Webinar Series]

This webinar is offered several times. Select the date and time that works best for you.

Tuesday, September 18th - 12:15pm - 12:45pm (EST)
Wednesday, September 19th - 12:15pm - 12:45pm (EST)

This webinar will examine the impact of CITs on production, income and cashflow and what it means for you and the dealership. 

• You will learn how to create a chain of accountability that will keep the deals flowing 
• How CITs tell a story about your dealership’s culture 
• What you can do to ensure you don’t have a CIT problem  

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Selling Ancillary Products
[UDS Training Center - Clearwater, FL]

Tuesday, September 13th - 9:00am - 1:00pm (EST)
Wednesday, September 14th - 9:00am - 1:00pm (EST)

What we will be covering

  • Interview questions that can lead to need discovery for each product.
  • Products that complement each other.
  • Recommending products at declination document based on products already accepted.
  • Objections on each product

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Become a True F&I Professional!

Joint Our Next 5-Day F&I Certification Program

Certification Class

Mark your calendars! Our next award-winning F&I Certification program will be held at UDS' Training Center the week of:
November 5-9, 2018

This session is designed to create the next generation of qualified F&I professionals. Perhaps you have a current manager that has never been through a formal F&I School, or you are in need of a qualified backup – this is the school for them!

For over 36 years, UDS has been a market leader in F&I Training, and has been voted top F&I Training Provider in the nation for the past 14 years.

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