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February 2018

Boost Your Lease Production

John Tabar Video

UDS Director of Training, John Tabar, dives right into the F&I Tip of the Week game with F&I and Showroom magazine highlighting how you can succeed more often when offering “Lease-Complementing F&I Protections.” We know lease volume has been growing for many years now and there is plenty of opportunity to boost your bottom line by focusing on this important segment.

Watch the video tip by clicking the image above, or link below, and keep an eye on your email inbox for his next tip on Transition Statements that are sure to pull your customer into buying mode.

You can reach John via the following:
(727) 533-5611

Click here to watch the video

Contact your UDS Representative for more details.

"F&I Superstar" - 5 Ways To Get There

So, you want to become an F&I Superstar, or achieve Master status? This 5-part series will help keep you focused on the intangibles that will help get you there. A word of caution, these are reserved only for professionals who are proactive in their professional advancement and are serious about accelerating their performance and earnings. You’ve been warned.

1. Make It Easy For Your Customers and Peers To Do Business With You:

Customers and your peers must buy you before they’ll buy your products and services. If the customer likes you, trusts you and feels like you know what you’re talking about, they’re going to be interested in what you have to say. If they think you’re trying to sell them something they don’t want and don’t think they need, they’ll simply check out of the commination cycle.

As it relates to selling F&I products, the focus should be about helping that person on the other side of the desk make better informed decisions. Our responsibility is to educate customers about the options available to them, and we need to help them make the right decision.

2. Maximize Your Menu’s Effectiveness

3. Become More Valuable

4. Manage Your Time Wisely

5. Continue Training On A Daily, Weekly, Monthly Basis

Reminder, this is a 5-part series. The March edition of UDS RoadMaster will detail #2, Maximizing your menu's effectiveness.

JD Power 2018 Dependability Study...
Your New Best Sales Tool

It’s no secret, vehicles are more dependable than ever. Today’s new vehicle is well made with an astronomical amount of research and technology packed into it for your driving pleasure. As an F&I Professional, we need to embrace that fact, praise that fact, but then also do a bit of educating for our customers on the downside to dependability.

You see, much of the quality results within this year’s study are thanks to that very technology that actually leads the list of complaints. It is that technology that is not repairable, rather only replaceable. It is that technology that cost a fortune to develop and is very expensive to replace. Consider the following quote from JD Power & Associates regarding technology.

“Audio/Communications/Entertainment/Navigation (ACEN) is the most troublesome category for vehicle owners in the 2018 VDS, receiving the highest frequency of complaints. The two most common problems relate to built-in voice recognition (9.3 PP100) and built-in Bluetooth connectivity (7.7 PP100).” (PP100 = Problems Per 100 vehicles)

What all of this means is that vehicles are more dependable thus breakdown/component failures are down, that’s referred to as frequency in the insurance world (now we’re talking F&I products). Conversely, the cost to fix these technology-laden components is way up, that’s referred to as severity in the insurance world.

“So, you see Mr. Customer, while it is true that your new vehicle will be much more dependable than your last, the fact is that the very technology that makes it so high quality is also very expensive to replace when it does fail. Let me run through the vehicle service contract again.”

Click Here To See the Whole List >>>

Contact your UDS Representative for more information.

UDS Training Calendar

Upcoming UDS Training

Offering Products Based on NEED
[UDS Webinar Series]

Tuesday, March 6th - 12:15pm - 12:45pm (EST)
Wednesday, March 7th - 12:15pm - 12:45pm (EST)

Do you find yourself selling based on your criteria (i.e. pay plan or bonus levels) or are you selling based on your customers criteria?
This session will show you how selling based on the customers criteria (NEEDS) will boost your performance and income.

• Techniques for uncovering the customer's needs
• Why meeting needs pays better than solving problems
• Where to get valuable Intel
• How benefits can change their life

Don't miss it - Click This Link To Register today!

Comprehensive 5-Day F&I Certification

Mark your calendars! Our next award-winning F&I Certification program will be held at UDS' Training Center the week of:
May 7-11, 2018

This session is designed to create the next generation of qualified F&I professionals. Perhaps you have a current manager that has never been through a formal F&I School, or you are in need of a qualified backup – this is the school for them!

For over 35 years, UDS has been a market leader in F&I Training, and has been voted top F&I Training Provider in the nation for the past 13 years.

Click Here For a Detailed Course Overview.

Call for registration and full details: 800-282-1154



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