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UDS Partner Portal

UDS Partner Portal


Dealers Choice Awards

F&I Training
1st Place - Diamond Award
2005 - 2019

Compliance Training
3rd Place - Gold Award
2015 - 2019

Training Calendar

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Training Calendar

July 2019

UDS Training Review

On the heels of yet another industry award recognizing UDS F&I Training (details here), let’s review just what that entails. The scope of UDS Training goes beyond the subject matter and timely topics. It also involves the channels in which we train. Sure, we have the traditional classroom setting, which is tough to beat, but we also feature several other types of training that is worth reviewing.

Classroom – Instructor led sessions ranging from ½ day modular topics to our award-winning 5-day F&I Certification School

UDS Webinar Series – Bite-sized topics delivered live every month lasting no more than 30 minutes

Webinar Archive – Looking for a refresher on your terms – search webinar topics here and watch the recorded session

UDS Partner Portal – A variety of static information ranging from product knowledge to evidence manual material and more

UDS TV – A collection of short, searchable, video segments to help you sell more products

UDS LMS – Robust online courses to support or mirror classroom sessions

In-Store Coaching – Personalized in-store work to reinforce formal training material

Training is a process that creates a foundation to build and grow upon. We want to be sure that you have access to the most awarded F&I Training content in the industry at your convenience.

To learn more, visit
Contact John Tabar directly at 727-533-5611.

Facts Or A Story

Most of us will process and retain a story better than we will process or retain facts.  Our brains are just wired that way. Jonathan Haidt a Social Psychologist at NYU says, “The human brain is a story processor, not a logic processor.” Do you ever tell a story in F&I to explain a benefit of a product to your customer? If you haven’t, maybe you should.  A good story can make the difference between the customer identifying with the value of a benefit or just saying “no thanks”

A good story should have 5 elements:

  1. A time or place reference. (“4 months ago, …”)
  2. A person the story is about. (“A young first-time buyer…)
  3. An obstacle or problem. (“On a very tight budget, like yours…)
  4. A goal. (“Saving to move to a better neighborhood…)
  5. What happens. (“She came in to thank me. As it turns out…)

“I’ll just stick with my base payment.”
You could respond “For only $1.00 a day you could…”

Or you could respond…
“Okay. I think it was about four months ago a young woman who was buying her first car sitting where you are now.  She was very bright and determined. Like you, she was on a tight budget. She was trying to save every extra dollar she could to get out of her neighborhood into a better one. She came in to see me a couple of weeks ago to thank me. I asked what for? She told me that she was glad I convinced her to enroll in the VSC. As it turns out, the module that controls her transmission failed. It was about a $1000 repair. She told me that without the VSC her savings would have been nearly wiped out.” That’s why I would like you to reconsider…

With another 30 seconds of your time you can help your customer in a more personal way see the value of the products you are offering. Instead of just stating the facts, great F&I managers tell a story.

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In The Movies!

Think about a movie you have watched recently on the big screen for a moment. To make that film, the director didn't just yell ‘action’ and film for a solid 90 minutes. Rather, it is the compilation of the best of hundreds of ‘takes’ and ‘out-takes’ that end up on the cutting room floor; a process that may last for years. The actors practice a scene over-and-over and then shoot multiple takes until they get a great finished piece that can be added to the rest to make the feature length film.

F&I is no different; you do a feature presentation daily; the audience is your customer and you hope it is the one that your customer will pay the price of admission for in the form of a sale. Make your ‘movie’ by doing the outtakes in front of other managers, your F&I representative, family, friends or anyone who will listen and doesn’t affect your income rather than practicing on the next customer that does. Get the rust off your presentation and get it shined up for that single ‘shot.’

By getting the out-take practice out of the way ahead of time, you can confidently present your final version of a movie that is more likely to have your customer hand you the golden Academy Award in the form of a sale! That’s a wrap!

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UDS Training Calendar

Upcoming UDS Training

Tell a Story, Sell a Product

[UDS Webinar Series]

Tuesday, August 6th - 12:15pm - 12:45pm (EST)
Wednesday, August 7th - 12:15pm - 12:45pm (EST)

This informative and interactive webinar will explore how STORYTELLING leads to PROFIT in F&I.

Participants will learn:

>> Why third-party information, endorsements and reviews are so important.

>> How and when to use a story to address a customer concern.

>> Why the power of “the group” puts your customer at ease.

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UDS F&I Certification Class
[UDS Training Center]

Join Our Next 5-Day Certification Program!

Mark your calendars! Our next award-winning F&I Certification program will be held at UDS' Training Center the week of:
September 9-13, 2019

This program is designed to create the next generation of qualified F&I professionals. Perhaps you have a current manager that has never been through a formal F&I School, or you are in need of a qualified backup – this is the course for them!

For over 37 years, UDS has been a proven leader in F&I Training, having been voted top F&I Training Provider in the nation for the past 15 years.

Click Here For a Detailed Course Overview.

Register Now For Our September 9-13 Class.

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